Dapto Anglican Church


Win People Not Arguments

I was inspired this week by the dignity, intelligence and respect exhibited by our Archbishop on ‘Q and A’. He stood for the gospel in an intelligent and well reasoned way.  He encountered a panel that included someone who had no intention of engaging with the issues or listening to an alternate opinion.

It highlights the context we encounter in the wider community.  In public debate we are now marginalised before we even speak.

In such a community we still need to engage and reflect Jesus. We need to learn from our Archbishop and realise that long before we get to present our faith we can win people by the dignity, love and respect we exhibit.

We must remember that we need to win people not arguments and that people enter the kingdom one by one as Christ is embraced as their Lord and Saviour.

Stephen Semenchuk,
Senior Pastor.

To view this weeks bulletin, please click on the following link 16 September 2012