Family Relationship Programs

Marriage Programs

The Marriage Course is a seven session course set in a fantastic atmosphere. You will be served a candlelit two course meal at a romantic table for two while listening to practical DVD talks that are informative and fun. There is never any group work and you will never be asked to share anything about your relationship with anyone other than your partner. This course is usually offered only once per year and includes a cost. For enquiries phone 4261 1001.

Parenting Programs

There are a number of ways that we seek to support the parents of our community including:

A number of information sessions are held each year on a range of topics including cyber-parenting and transitioning to school.

The Parenting Children and Parenting Teenagers DVD courses are run on alternative years and involve five sessions of practical talks in a group environment which is fun and informative.

There are a number of Sunday, mid-week and holiday programs where Children can learn about God’s love and purpose for them in a safe and fun environment.